Friday, 22 January 2016

Traffic Congestion

For today's post, I will be talking to you about Traffic Congestion.

Traffic Congestion occurs when when the number of transport facilities is more than a road can handle.
It can occur for many reasons, such as :

Going to work. When you are on your way to work. The Central Business District can be very far away from your residential area. People will have to commute to go to for their work.

Traffic Congestion can occur daily, especially during peak hours.

Not only does Traffic Congestion occurs when people go to work, but also when they are coming back, travelling somewhere to get groceries or goods.

People also have to transport goods to certain parts of the country, certain vehicles such as Freight Trucks are big, taking more space on the road. However, it will be more efficient travelling using freight trucks as it can carry more good.

Some countries have inadequate transport systems and very little transport routes.

Some countries, their roads can be a little small, or there are very little routes that go about the country. There is a high chance of a Traffic Congestion if they are many vehicles on these kind of roads.

Other transport systems such as Buses and Trains are more efficient, but according to studies, more people prefer using private vehicles like their own vehicles.

Not only do more people prefer private transport that can cause a traffic congestion, it can also be the cause of the train.

For example, a train can break down in the middle of a train track, people have to find other routes to go to work. The trains may not have been serviced in a long time.

If there is ever a breakdown, countries that have problems like these should get more buses to go around so that the timing for each bus can be fixed.

Thank you! - Matthew

Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Quickie!

Science ..


Electric current is the amount of energy flowing through a circuit. The circuit has to be closed in order for it to work!

Think about it!

Your body is full of nerves and blood vessels, if some of them are not connected to each other, some of them will not be able to transport blood and nutrients around your body. Your body is like a closed circuit, it needs to be closed in order for it to work.


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